Seek the Craze: The name

First and foremost.

What am I seeking? Why is it a craze?

When I thought of this concept, my life was in a peculiar context. It was the summer after graduating high school in a very transitional stage in my life, not just leaving the nest, but dealing with some emotional stuff too (You know- the typical teenage heartbreak and “finding yourself” and your independence). I definitely thought I had a plan- excellent university, lots of friends, a roadmap of a future career, blah blah blah. When all the mayhem calmed down, I found myself lost, empty, and seeking for something to distract my thoughts from what I thought were “troubles.” I realized I didn’t have passions outside of my bubble and that needed to change. Was I actually happy? I started diving into what my interests really were, and this grand plan I thought I had nailed. I found fashion, health, exploring my Venezuelan roots, and forming real friendships with the people around me. I became infatuated by this journey because I finally focused on my passions and love to explore style, people, and culture instead of the emotional mess in my head. I turned to fashion to express myself, I turned to my friends to seek beautiful souls, and I became curious about what else the world had to offer.


Three years later, I’m finally ready to take the next step. Write. Seek. Spread the craze that helps my life stay balanced- filled with inspirations, love, passion, and a crave to keep growing in the moment.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


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