Sweet Cold

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
– John Steinbeck

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The roof in my room is shaped like a triangle, making it a high ceiling. Outlining the shape and the tip of the triangle are two curtain-less windows shaped like acute triangles. Through the windows you can clearly see the tips of the trees of the woods of the property, even including a few nests. If I’m lucky, the trees are carefully swaying back and forth to the outside breeze. The gesture is kind of magical. This particularly triangle-shaped window has been my best friend and my favorite aspect of the room since I moved into the bungalow. Yes, it IS bungalow. The attachment to it is now so great, that I’ve developed a morning ritual surrounding it. Everyday I wake up to the side closest to the window and as I’m prepping myself to get up, my eyes open in the direction of it. I seek– I’m seeking for the light coming in and its warmth.

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I’ve never been bothered with not having curtains in my room. In the Bungalow, all but one of the walls of my room are dominated by windows with blinds but no curtains.  The sun’s presence and it’s light don’t disturb my sleep, and when it does, it’s definitely a sign that I should be up and moving around.

The catch to this is that the light is relative to the sun, and lately, we’ve lacked the rays in Chapel Hill, NC.  The last week or so I’ve woken up seeking the light through my favorite windows and I’ve promptly been interrupted by the fog or the clouds. So I stare at it with a little bit of resent. I feel a sigh of disappointment move through me. Am I having the weather/winter blues? Can i not appreciate a cloudy, rainy day? Maybe..

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Today as I was aimlessly surfing through articles and my blogs on the web during a class break I stumbled upon Steinbeck’s quote, and I immediately thought of my morning ritual with the triangle-shaped window. You know those people that read quotes or inspiring messages and find an inner truth or an application to their lives? That’s me. Steinbeck speaks the truth though- It’s not that I hate cloudy, dreary days. When I rumble the thought through my mind some more, I find myself appreciating the stillness and sometimes tranquility that these days bring. It  also makes me cherish the moments of lightness, of warmth and of comfort that I love to awaken my eyes to in mornings at the Bungalow.



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