Spring Has Sprung? Fashion ad campaigns are here

Whether you consider yourself a fashionista, and you’re reading the latest edition of Vogue, or you’re a bystander looking on Instagram’s “People” page one thing is for certain- Fashion advertising is having a BAM (insert bang emoji here) moment. Not just in a purely style way, but in a popular, it’s all about the consumer and getting exposure way.

Like 2+2=4, there’s no doubt fashion ad campaigns ended 2014 and started 2015 away from the traditional print ads in the tight fashion world and moved to into a territory where anyone (literally) can come across one of these high fashion ad campaigns with pop culture personalities making headlines on the internet.

Here’s the ones I can’t stop staring at because A.) ???? or B.) I dig them:

Justin Bieber’s curated abs for Calvin Klein.
Joan Didion’s passive aggressive appearance for Celine‘s print ads.
Alexander Wang’s party bus meets top models meets 80s disco lights.
Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl Ad

Processed with Moldiv Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The fashion industry is expanding to a greater audience through digital exposure and accessibility to the brands, and I’m reading about it and learning about it and gushing about it faster than Siri can give me answers when I fight through my accent with her. Buying patterns are changing and these ad campaigns are compensating for those changes. I can appreciate seeing these campaigns all over my feeds because I love style and I love clothes. But reality check? I’m a college student constantly debating whether to go for the organic bananas or go for the regular bananas to save the cents, and I’m positive that those consuming these viral, digital campaigns are on the same page. The brains behind these ad campaigns get that, but the ultimate new goal in the fashion industry is to create a lifestyle brand that is desirable for those who can’t realistically afford it and translate that impact into sales (just like any other lifestyle brands are doing in other industries.)


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