Fancy Libraries are like Accessories

 As I’m blindly typing this I’m sitting in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Wilson Library’s Reading Room- the fancy academic library where all the chancellors portraits inundate the walls, and I can almost hear them speaking to me as if I was in Hogwarts. What I’m wondering the most about this place is that I’m not “allowed” to take a sip of what a human absolutely needs at all times- h20. I think they do this to us on purpose: come in, do your work, get thirsty, and leave because they don’t want us to disturb the environment and mood of the place. Well it’s working, but not before getting the urge to write a blog post about accessories (voila magic!)

Sitting in a room like this versus sitting in our campus’ Undergraduate Library I come the stellar realization that playing something up creates greatness. This room I’m sitting in could be any other quiet, reading room on campus, but the gigantic emerald-colored marble columns, the high-ceilings with a flower-like reliefs, and the chandlers coming down from the ceilings with fake fire just makes me feel more intelligent and studious while doing my work. Despite the fact that I can’t drink water, it’s quite a espectacular way of writing forum posts for my classes.

How does this relate to the world of accessories? Simple. Picture a basic peace of cloth thrown on you as dress, or a pair of pants with a shapeless gray tee over them. Now, picture the same cloth and pants and shirt outfit but add a kick-ass fancy bag, piece of jewelry, pair of shoes or socks, or whatever you want to categorize as an accessory, and I can guarantee you it’ll feel and look 100 times different for the better. Accessories are magical in the way that they can transform something regular into extraordinary and for this very reason I’m always seeking to find unique pieces I can use to not think too much about the act of dressing but just thrown on some embellishment and infinitely use my grey tee.

What I find most interesting and exciting about personal style and accessories is seeing how each individual can make something we all think we know, special and unique- just like my homework experience in Wilson Library Reading room became much more different than my Undergraduate Library one.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, or you have no idea what I’m talking about. Here are a few of my favorite gems of the season:

  • 19K29GBLK_largeAlexander McQueen Scarf Vince Flats Free People Backpack



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