All I want For Valentine’s Day is This

Valentine’s Day. With the utter of these words, my brain autopilots to commercialized images of floating hearts, a box of cheap chocolates, a couple flirting, and the color of PINK….ugh, brain.

Here are my feelings about Valentine’s Day ___________.

I have none, therefore the invasive V-Day thoughts kind of make me shrug. Nope, it’s not because I’m always the girl that is single, waving her best friend and her boyfriend goodbye as they leave on their romantic date with a “damn-it-why-am-I-alone” tear dripping down my cheek.  I’ve held my stance on this holiday, whether I’ve had a “Valentine” or not, and it all goes back to my first encounter with the holiday. My first vivid memory of Valentine’s day is of my then-shy yet sassy self on an exquisite morning in my kindergarten class. I walked to my assigned seat to get ready for the day not knowing what it would entail, and found two little boys with flowers and a bag of chocolates each for me….I panicked. I rejected the candy with a NO thanks, ran away as if I had been insulted, and cried to my friends about boys having cuties (DISCLAIMER: these were the actions of my old self, I’m much nicer now). Needless to say, my indifference for this heart-filled holiday is part of my psyche. I’ll definitely accept a bag of chocolates or pink candy and without running, but no heart-shaped decorations or cheesy dates, please (I support anyone else that does like it, I’m not ruthless).

Plot twist- Despite my feelings toward February 14th, this Valentine’s Day I’ve decided to embrace it as a result of a revelation that transformed my apathetic views of the holiday into something new. Allow me to introduce you to the color pink, a soft pink to be exact, which is now being coveted by my closet and I’ll probably wear this Saturday.


With spring collections finally upon us, there are a ton of options to wear beyond Valentine’s Day. Here are a few of my favorites:

3b9563e4d5cea7cf101653a7377f7e1c pinkac3f02cc77086d9596a72c7601cbcd72

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