5 Truths about Following NYFW on Social Media

It’s day eight of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week meaning that for the last week or so, my eyes have been glued to my iPhone screen and my laptop between classes and homework assignments. It’s led me to awkward pauses in mid-conversations, trips on the icy sidewalks and walkways on campus, and a little sense of nostalgia that I’m not physically there. The presentation of these collections are exciting and meaningful to me because I can see how fellow creatives are using their creative genius for self expression through garments, storyboards, and visual themes. It’s a magical thing, really.

What’s been exceptionally different and magnificent about this RTW Fall 2015 season is the various ways in which media are playing a role in reporting and presenting these collections to the rest of the world. Although I’m not physically there, there’s always a few-second gaps between the collection’s look-by-look live presentation, and when I see them for myself here in Chapel Hill. Social media’s role at these shows has swimmingly created an exclusive experience for the public at the hand of the various perspectives readily available through the social media feeds of the physical audience at the shows, the teams working backstage, the models walking the runways, and the brand’s own social media teams updating their feeds on-site. Snapchat stories, for example, have been a must in obtaining a new view of the multiple shows-a-day via the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Snapchat account,the fashion bloggers’ Snapchats accounts, and the brands’ own Snapchat accounts. Instagram accounts of such groups have also seemingly presented live feeds of collections from small labels to the top-notch fashion houses and every event in between. With that in mind, here are the real reasons why we’re obsessing over social media during fashion week:

 1. Celebrity spotting and celebrities as designers

   Look _____ is here and he/she is sitting front row with me!!!! (I personally don’t condone it but it’s a big risk because the fashion industry is very protective of itself)

Front Row

2. Backstage teams are the hear of the shows

  Let’s be honest, MBFW doesn’t happen if it weren’t for the brave souls that give up their lives for two weeks to  pretty much do everything to make the show run smoothly

3.Get to know fashion bloggers’ personalities:

     Leandra– you’re my comic hero

 WeWoreWhat– you’re the BA Fashion-BFF I’ve never had

4. Models pretending to eat at the shows

     Everyone once in a while, someone will show a model holding a piece of cake with the caption “____ fueling between shows!” I’m not fooled, you’re not fooled.


5. Who got the most likes?

     Let’s face it, the over exposure these shows now get defaults to an  extremely competitive aura between most-recognized designers/brands  (i.e. Michael Kors towering over Marc by MarcJacobs in shares- Come on)

MBFW Social Media

As for myself, I reserve to admire my favorite designers’s collections (BCBG Max Azria, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Altuzarra to name a few)  in a cohesive manner to truly appreciate and understand the narrative of the designs choosing fashion editorials like Style.com and Vogue.com. the writers and photographers upload the collections only minutes post the shows never leaving me a step too far behind. However, backstage sneak peaks on Snapchat and Instagram have made the spectacle of MBFW more realistic from hundreds of miles away. 


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