Cheers to the Millennials

Amazing words!

Chasing Sunrise

Call me an optimist, but I am a big fan of our generation.

At only 22, I am naive I am sure, but not entirely. Being 22 means that I have millions of miles to cover and a lot left to learn. Even so, I realize that this has been one of our worst years in a long time when it comes to things like human rights violations, civil and international conflict, environmental depletion and political discord. I also recognize that I am privileged and therefore see the world through filtered eyes. I was raised in a wonderful household and am learning at one of the nation’s most prestigious universities. I understand that I live in a position from which I can afford to see the bright side of things.

With that being said, I am still proudly optimistic. I think being a twenty-something today absolutely rocks. The world is changing, our culture is changing and it’s us, the millennials…

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