Don’t Know Much, but I Know This

  At UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication I’m taking a course called The Branding of Me. Our professor, Gary Kaye, has a two-semester long course on New Media in Marketing and Advertising that transitions into one about branding ourselves in the world of new media as young professionals with distinctive passions, personalities and interests that go beyond a piece of paper called a resume. To add to the benefits of the class, we’re constantly being challenged by Gary to think outside the box, and truly pursue and build a career that aligns with our passions. Achieving such an alignment is not easy, but it certainly proves to equate to better work, better networks, and happier lives (this is the short version of a really extensive discussion based on research, opinions and observation by our professor and by my classmates)

     Not many people are aware of this. If we’re not pursuing a career of service, we’re constantly under societal’s pressures to live in an auto-pilot mode leading us to go to school, to get a job and to get a job that pays well. No references to in-betweens, the whys, and the what more. Sure the money may be good but studies have proven that passion, not money, drive people to produce really amazing work and make valuable connections. I’ve luckily identified what I can’t go a day without thinking about (fashion, culture, art, traveling), and I’m sure of what i DON’T want to do. (Key word: DON’T). But there’s a whole other side of me still trying to navigate through how I’ll combine those passions and interests into a solid career because as much as I’m a dreamer, I have an extraordinary world to live in.

     I recently had a moment where I honestly just saw a big, ugly, concrete wall in front of me halting me from going forward, I became frustrated with the fact that I don’t actively have a solid path to embark on to understand what I’m meant to be doing. I do things that interest me, but as I see my graduating friends landing jobs that they have specifically worked for, I started to question whether what I’m working for is really what I want to be doing.

     Magically, this past Friday, Gary gave a lecture with a special guest, Chris Rosati, that motivated me to start climbing that wall and ASAP. The type of motivation that didn’t make me just THINK about it (which is good), but ACT (which is even better) on these inquiries to make the road a little clearer.

     So I re-wrote my list passions I always have in my mind and posed this question in my head: What action can I take RIGHT NOW (literally, right now) that embodies these things? 

     You read about this all the time, and you may understand the concept. But once you actually FEEL what they mean through some sort of spontaneous trigger the wall will start to come down for you on its own.You’ll be able to seek.


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