Fashion loves Tech, or Tech loves Fashion?

A little ago, I wrote about social media and it’s presence during fashion week this winter. It was clear that brands, designers, fashion writers/bloggers, and spectators were constantly publishing and receiving information through these sites and shaped conversations about fashion week around Instagram posts and twitter updates. It’s no surprise that beyond social media sites and fashion shows, the technology and the fashion world are blurring their relationships lines. Here’s a few to look at:

The 12-page spread of the Apple Watch in Vogue – Anna Wintour attended a power fueled lunch with Apple Watch’s top designers back in September that resulted in the magazine’s devotion to the newest and most-talked about wearable technology coming this May.

A drone circulating over Louis Vuitton’s RTW Fall 2015 fashion show to play it back to a crowd 

Channel is opening its’ doors for e-commerce – The fashion house aims to better serve its consumer base via online 

Rebecca Minkoff’s runway shows available to spectators through a virtual reality headset – Minkoff filmed her show with high-tech cameras that captured it from several angles to provide an almost 360 degree view of the show, as one of the first designers to use virtual reality technology.

World-known fashion blogger Leandra Medine, of ManRepeller (!!!), is getting tech. recognition, and using her blog to start conversations about tech’s presence in fashion and in our culture.

This is just the beginning. As more innovations arise, fashion won’t be slow to catch on. I’m certainly seeking and awaiting on my toes, both with apprehension and excitement. 


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