Endless Seeking

The past couple of days have been very exciting for me. Certain decisions and affirmations have led me to a position, where I’m accomplishing my goals while making some very amazing connections along the way. They’re not the end goals, but definitely steps in the right direction. It still doesn’t feel real, but I’ve made sense of how I got here, and how I want to continue living through the days. Looking back at my journey, I noticed a pattern in the way that I live and think that has helped. It’s not a magic formula, but in the moments I’ve felt defeated or stuck (which I do experience) it leads me to look for the next step.



I live a life that seeks (Seek The Craze???) I seek new trends, I seek new adventures, I seek people to connect with. Not that I’m unsatisfied with my life or my thinking, but I believe that we naturally live in a state of progression. Everyday we get a new set of possibilities, obstacles, and situations that challenge us to learn something new, feel something new, or experience something ordinary as extraordinary. I find myself getting mad when regressive thoughts or backwards thinking occupy my mind. I’m not perfect in any way. I never was and never will be. But if I can put behind thoughts that make me feel sucky, and enhance the ones that help me improve what I think I know, then I’m all smiles.

I didn’t used to be like this. My thoughts surrounded this universe under the pretense that I was always right, I was the victim, and  I was the unlucky one when bad things happened or good things didn’t happen. Does that make sense? It honestly was about what I was getting from people, situations, life as if I was entitled to certain things or treatments. I wasn’t really doing anything special, I was just waiting. I’m not sure in what moment I stopped, and accepted that I wasn’t the center of my own world, but it happened. What is out there is the center, and I’m just playing in it.  I was all of the sudden curious, fascinated and in awe of the world that we have in front of us that wants us to take a meaningful part in it. What should it get from me? What version of myself would be beneficial to it? What can I learn today that I didn’t know yesterday? What can I do today to help me closer to my goal tomorrow? These are a few of the questions I ask myself now. Questions that keep me from backward living. Questions that I don’t have a right answer to, and will probably never will. But that’s the beauty of it.

The magic of seeking is that knowledge, interests and relationships are limitless. If live in accordance to how we can help, and how we can progress we can thrive. We seek because if not, we rot.



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