22 Thoughts I had JR. Year

22 Thoughts of Junior Year

What did Junior year of college teach me?

1. Be curious

2. What you think you know now, will change tomorrow

3. Everyday work hard for something you want, and what’s meant to be will happen for you

4. Spirituality is important and you need it

5. Like yourself, don’t pretend to do so

6. Spend time alone

7. Listen to your gut feeling, it’s smarter than you

8. School is important only for the life lessons learned

9. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, if they don’t, just simply keep distance

10. Listen to your body

11. Be fear’s best friend, not her enemy

12. Live in the NOW

13. Serve and you’ll serve yourself by doing so

14. Write down your thoughts, feelings, emotions because you’ll never understand them

15. Seriously, your feeling and emotions exist- feel them

16. You’re connected to the Universe, so be mindful of it.

17. Never take yourself too seriously

18. Pizza is the new birthday cake

19. Lay low, but in a meaningful way

20. Wine night is always a good idea

21. Never assume anything

22. Don’t forget to breath and smile

PS- You’re still a a life junior


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