New York- It’s Home

Welcome home.

I have a shiny, sparkly lit sign that says “Welcome Home” as I’m finally walking the streets of New York as a resident.


New York City was the first place I visited when I moved from Venezuela to Pennsylvania. With a serious case of the moving blues, a culture shock and and state-of-denial mindset I got to NYC, where I experienced its’ bliss at eleven years old. From that moment on I knew I was meant to be here someday, somehow.

Fast forward to eleven years, and now I’m interning, working, exploring, laughing, making, and wondering in the city that stole my heart back in that hot August day in 2004.

It’s weird because if you know me I’m not what people think of a “New Yorker” at all. I’m very independent and a go-getter, but in a soft, subtle way. I do stand-out from the fast-passed and sometimes aggressive crowds as I take my time walking from place to place, or chat a little extra longer with my barista. Yet I consider myself 100% “New York” when looking at the true heart and magic of the city.

                                                                  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

New York really is a mystical island- filled with worldly creative inspiration that surpasses the popular conceptions of the city that never sleeps. You walk while you try to capture all the stimuli your senses receive, each sparking a new idea or thought that could turn into something spectacular – finding extraordinary things out of ordinary moments.

The natural enchantment from the physical structure of the city is just one of the many elements I love about this city. I know that beyond what meets my eyes are the people inside these high-rise buildings working on unthinkable projects with ideas from unique minds from all over the world.  So truly it’s the whole spectacle.

I’m taking each day as slowly as I can, and enjoying each and every second to best of my ability. Thriving from what I don’t know so I discover more and more.

                                                              Processed with Moldiv

New York, I’m home.


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