Black Bolded and Printed Name Tag

This morning I showed up to my Digital Advertising and Marketing class without my first assignment ready- print out a name tag in black bolded letters. When the task was assigned to me I thought to myself, “What a silly request when I can just write one that is big enough to see,” and “what difference will it make when I’m just trying to learn about digital marketing so I can get a job.” Yet guess who didn’t have their name tag? This girl. I laughed out loud when I realized I was forced to makeshift a name tag that said “no I didn’t do my homework” more than it identified my name and thought about my first reaction to the task. Yet the incident gave me an extra incentive to prove myself to the professor beyond that first mistake and that I will never forget an assignment in the class ever again (after I purchase a new planner). Anyways; It’s moments like these when I love the fact that I’m a college student. I’m here to learn and be challenged every step of the way even when the task seems silly. Everything we experience is valuable when you’re in this type of setting and only a certain lucky number of us get to enjoy this type of growth.

Thinking about the larger scheme of it, I realize that experience triumphs control every time. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to set intentions and goals for ourselves because otherwise we’d lean toward a state of chaos. But maybe focusing on the experience of going through something or doing something, whether or not we find value in it at the moment it’s happening, is the best way to understand ourselves, and in turn, understand what we’d like for the future. I’m sure I forgot to print out that name tag because my thoughts were occupied with something out of reach at that time.

It’s easy get caught up in our the future jobs and salaries and moves and relationships that await us, and it’s easy to lose yourself trying to control it all. So I challenge you, as I’m challenging myself, to truly experience this year through what it each day brings (the assignments, the test, the laughs, the worries, the friends, the social life, etc.), and not what it will bring in the future.

Remember nothing is certain expect the now. And black bolded printed letters are a must.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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