Deeply Rooted in my Moment

There’s something to be said about who we are now and how we came about. What I mean by this is that thinking about moments or circumstances in our lifetimes that have made us into the humans we are today is important to note. It’s not just coincidence. I believe there’s great precision and  harmony to it. Many people experience these times of inspirations through travel, faith, a person, a tough relationship, a specific place or a combination of them all. I’ve definitely had a fair amount that have molded me, shook me, pushed me even, into the person I am today, which despite many imperfections, I’m proud of.


For me, I discovered there’s something to be said about my roots. At 22-years old, I’ve moved around a couple times meeting thousands of different people and experiencing various cultures in the process of  figuring out who I was. There was so much room for me to fall off the road and forget about my personal essence, which I caught myself from doing a couple times. Yet something remained constant and acted as a light. Being born in Venezuela and having an extremely supportive extended family unit have 100 percent played a significant role in who I am today, what I like and don’t like, and what I believe and don’t believe throughout the ups and downs and changes in my life. My mantra stays constant yet fluous because I go back to this on a daily basis. It’s fair to assume we’ve all had something of a similar nature and as we become more independent of that time and those people and experience different things, we go back to it to refresh.


I was able to take a few days off from college to celebrate my cousin’s wedding in Margarita, Venezuela. This is when I understood my moment. The whole trip was kind of magical because of that pure loving energy surrounding us. Energy from our homeland, from our love for each other, and of course, from the beautiful emotions of the wedding and the island. We’re not by any means perfect but it’s clear that despite chaotic circumstances around us, we’re able to remind each other of who we are and why. There aren’t enough descriptive words or detailed explanations for that type of energy because it’s unique to each of us ,and it’s based on something greater than we can explain. It lives in the right moment, with the right people, at the right time and it carries over to your future. This moment reminded me  of who I am, how I’ve accomplished things and how I’ve failed at some others, but most importantly how I’m so grateful for both. It reminded me of the importance of love and the connections sustained through it, whether it’s with our families, a place, and or a significant other. It reminded me that even though we get trapped in our worries and apprehensions, fueling from important moments in our lives works wonders.


If you’re like me and you don’t have every part of your life figured out, think about moments that have given you insights about who you are and why. When you’re there concentrate on feeling those energies and living them purely for what they are at that particular time. It’s amazing how such a simple and passive action can remind you of you!


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